Real Time Traffic Update

Traffic is like any other daily chore for a typical Mumbaikar. A minimum of two hours is what a person in Mumbai spends in traffic. The Mumbai Traffic Police have been trying various techniques and tactics to reduce the traffic in the city. Recently, they also launched an App which can be used to get the real time traffic updates. Not just that but the police started to issue real time traffic route updates on their website in collaboration with Traffline.

So, how does this system work? Well, the system depends upon the 1700 GPS-fitted radio taxis in the city. Sounds perfect on paper but but how accurate can the results be? To test the same, crew from Times of India geared up. They decided to take different routes in Mumbai city and checked out how the system responded to the same. The results were quite satisfactory and indeed very much accurate in most of the places they traveled.

However, the system did fail at a few places. There were stretches where the radio taxis did not ply. Thus, getting information in those areas was a challenge. The only solution to overcome this would be to fit more of these taxi’s with GPS-systems. However, in most of the parts of the city, this tool is indeed a useful one as it would inform the commuters well in advance about the routes that should be avoided if one wants to spend less time in traffic. You can access the traffic app here.

Source – Times of India