You guys asked for it and it’s back. We worked hard on the comment system and from the testing we did, all seemed fine other than a few things which were upcoming like notifications as well as @ mentions. However, MotorBeamers weren’t happy with the new comment system and after giving it a week’s time, I realised what the heck, we follow democracy and if the majority wants us to bring back Disqus, we should and we did.

All of you were proactive in the comments, listing out your issues with the new comment system and as you must be aware, I read each and every comment and take feedback very seriously.

So what happens to the MotorBeam app? We are trying to integrate Disqus for website articles there too but your login to the app and the upcoming forum will be the same login which you use to login to the website (the register/login button is right below the header in the nav bar). I am aware there are still some issues with the login system but we are working hard to address those.

Once again I would like to thank you for trusting MotorBeam and staying onboard the website, even if that meant in the past few days, there was more Disqus discussion than of cars and bikes!

P.S. – It’s MotorBeam, B is capital.