MV Agusta will start manufacturing bikes in Asia along with Loncin.

MV Agusta to manufacture bikes in Asia
MV Agusta makes flashy, high performance street bikes

European motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta has signed a deal with Chinese manufacturer Loncin. Loncin, a small-capacity bike manufacturing company will now manufacture new bikes for MV Agusta.

As per the agreement, Loncin will develop four new motorcycles for MV Agusta in 300-500cc range. MV Agusta will in turn help Loncin develop its own lineup of larger motorcycles under the name of VOGE. VOGE is intended to become China’s premiere motorcycle brand.

The new bikes will be available by 2021 and the prototypes are likely to be showcased in 2020. MV Agusta is known to make flashy, high performance street bikes and it will be a big change for the company to work under such a partnership.

It will be first time that Loncin will develop larger motorcycles. Motorcycles developed and manufactured by Loncin will be sold globally by MV Agusta. This will help MV Agusta keep the expenses low and help stabilise its financial condition.

Other European manufacturers like KTM, BMW and Ducati entered into such partnerships with Asian companies long time ago. Recently, Harley-Davidson too signed a deal with Chinese manufacturer Qianjang. Under this deal, Qianjang will build motorcycles to be sold in developing markets for the American giant.

MV Agusta 350-500cc Bikes

– Loncin to develop and manufacture bikes for MV Agusta
– MV Agusta will help Loncin develop bigger capacity motorcycles
– Four new bikes to be available globally by 2021
– Many other major brands have had similar partnerships in the past

MV Agusta to manufacture bikes in Asia
Four new bikes will be developed by Loncin