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Bajaj Auto unveiled the first of the second generation Pulsar on the 31st of January 2012. At the time of unveiling the Pulsar 200 NS, Rajiv Bajaj said that the launch will take place in April. Everybody was excited and Bajaj Auto gave select media a ride of the bike at their Chakan facility in early-February. At that time Bajaj officials maintained that the Pulsar 200 NS will be launched this summer. In April we heard about the changes Bajaj Auto made to the production version of the Pulsar 200 NS. April came and went and there was no news of the Pulsar 200 NS’ launch.

In the month of May, dealer training started and in mid-May, a dealer in Delhi even received the bike. Soon everybody started to believe that the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS will arrive by the end of the month. To make matters worse, Rajiv Bajaj (the top honcho of the company) said in an interview that the Pulsar 200 NS will be launched next week in Maharashtra in a phased manner. That week is gone and so has summer, almost. There are still no signs of the Pulsar 200 NS being launched. Not only is this frustrating for those who have been waiting for it since a long time, the reasons for the delay are unknown too.

So lets make some educated guesses as to why the Pulsar 200 NS has been delayed so much?

  1. Bajaj Auto is still testing the bike while gathering more data and information on the new engine
  2. Service centers are still not well versed on handling the Pulsar 200 NS.
  3. Bajaj Auto did not want to launch the Pulsar 200 NS at a time when petrol price has seen the biggest hike ever.
  4. Bajaj does not want the Pulsar 200 NS to spoil the Duke 200’s party and hence is delaying it.
  5. Bajaj wants to clear stock of the Pulsar 220. The company will not discontinue the P220 but the launch of the P200 NS will cause some dents in the sale of the fastest Indian.
  6. Bajaj wants to make sufficient units before launch, to ensure minimum waiting period.
  7. Battle with Honda made Bajaj give the Discover ST priority, thereby delaying the 200 NS.
  8. Shortage of components at supplier end causing delay in production.
  9. Feedback from recent testing has revealed problems, which Bajaj is trying to iron out prior to launch.
  10. Bajaj is tweaking the ECU and gearing of the P200 NS to re-claim the fastest Indian tag.

It could be any one of the reasons above or a reason which we did not think off ourselves. So go ahead and tell us which number you think is most likely (or just type a reason which we have not mentioned). Meanwhile you can checkout this video of Hitler getting livid because of the Pulsar delay.

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