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The latest tweak to the Discover sub-brand seems to be the Bajaj Discover 100 which is expected to be launched by December 2012. The 100cc bike will be sharing the same platform as that of the Discover 125 Sports-Tourer (ST). The first 100cc Discover was launched in 2009. Earlier this year, a Discover 4G 100cc bike was launched which was expected to be a little different than its predecessor. However, it was only a downgraded version of the previous 100cc where 4G meant four gears, unlike the 5 gears in the previous version. But the near future 100cc offering of the Bajaj Discover is guaranteed to attract some attention based on its styling.

Hopes are high because its sharing the Discover 125 ST’s platform, which was received as a very stylish looking bike for its segment. The 100cc bike could also get similar design features. The engine is a 100cc, four-stroke, air-cooled DTSi engine assuring of performance and fuel-efficiency. With Bajaj Auto determined not to make the Discover 100 as any other bike in the 100cc segment, we can expect some add-on features like upmarket alloy wheels, front disc brakes and the best of all technical specifications it can offer.

The 100cc segment is the most popular and high selling segment in the Indian market. If the Discover 100 makes it as a stylish bike when its launched, rest assured by the Bajaj DTSi engine for its fuel-efficiency, there is a possibility that the bike could sell in high numbers. The company plans to price the Discover 100 at around Rs. 50,000/-. Could Bajaj Auto offer monoshock and 4-valves on a 100cc bike? You never know but clearly the company is aiming to maintain its market position in the 2-wheeler industry.

Source – Autocar India