Benda BD700 Front
The single headlight and rectangular exhaust tips are good-looking

Patent images of the new Benda BD700 cruiser bike that is under development have been revealed and to be short, it is a looker.

News about Benda developing a cruiser first came in March and the company seems to be serious about the new product.

Codenamed BD700, the cruiser has some old-school proportions with modern styling and looks a brute of a machine.

The single headlight will most likely be an LED unit with turbine like blades or fins surrounding it, while above sits a small fairing.

The large tank has shrouds either side, while the single-piece seat covers the rear styling that is simple. The tail lamp and blinkers have been housed with the mudguard.

As with many other cruiser bikes, the handlebar is swept towards the rider and houses the rider’s display screen at the centre. Beefy looking front forks, forward-mounted foot pegs, and a wide rear tyre are all present and correct.

The frame might be made from aluminium or from steel with faux alloy covers, while the swingarm looks chunky. The bike has a very front-biased look with most of the mass situated there.

There are certain design elements that would remind one of the Ducati XDiavel, but the Benda BD700 cruiser does look different in many aspects.

The BD700 will use a motor that has around 700cc, although some state it would be around 750cc, thus we will have to wait and see.

It will be a liquid-cooled, in-line 4-cylinder as the big radiator and four rectangular exhaust tips suggest. We expect it to produce somewhere around the 100 BHP-mark.

This would be only the second time that a Chinese firm would be seen coming up with an in-line 4-cylinder motor after Qianjiang’s Benelli-designed 600cc unit.

However, similarities between the engine on the patent images with that of Honda’s CB650 are hard to ignore. Even the bolt patterns, engine mounts and bottom end look identical. The cylinder head looks quite different though.

We reckon Benda has bought the rights as to the design or that its version is different enough to be considered a brand new engine.

Suspension-wise, the Benda BD700 cruiser will get USD forks upfront with a monoshock at the back. Dual rotors at the front and a single disc at the rear will provide the stopping force for the bike and ABS will be present.

Benda has not stated anything about when the bike will enter production or about exports, so, watch this space.

Benda BD700 Cruiser

  • Chinese firm Benda is coming up with a new cruiser bike
  • Will get a liquid-cooled, 4-cylinder engine putting out circa 100 BHP
  • USD forks, tyres are all chunky to go with the design of the cruiser
Benda BD700 Side
The BD700 has a low and long look like many cruisers
Side profile
Engine has many similarities to the one on Honda CB650
Rear profile of the cruiser bike
It might not be needed, but the rear tyre has to be this big on cruisers. It is a rule of law

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