Indian Liquid Cooled Tourer Patent
The big bike will be built to take two people with utmost comfort over long distances

Indian Motorcycle is developing a new liquid-cooled tourer and patent images of the same have now been leaked. Slated to take its place in the heavyweight touring category, the motorcycle looks like it is based on the new Challenger.

But there are differences, chiefly in how the motorcycle looks. A traditional ‘batwing’ style front end with a circular headlamp makes up the front. The big screen seems to be non-adjustable, but its size would mean riders would not have to adjust it anyway.

Directly below it are the leg shields, indicating that the Indian liquid-cooled tourer will be designed to cross States while keeping the rider at ease and another thing that would help with that is the big fuel tank. Finally, the step-up seat ends in the massive rear mudguard. There might be changes on how the rear looks though.

What is more important is how the bike is engineered as the frame, which is a monocoque, has air intake holes (three of them) underneath. The filter is then placed within the frame ahead of the intake port.

Indian is expected to make it easy to replace the filter despite how the images make it look. But, we are sure the tank has to be removed every time the filter needs to be replaced.

Yesterday, we reported that Harley-Davidson is working on an air-cooled engine with VVT and now, patent images of Indian developing a liquid-cooled one have surfaced.

It is interesting how two prominent manufacturers take different approaches all the while heading towards the same goal of reduced emissions, better efficiency and more performance.

Indian Liquid Cooled Tourer

  • Patent images of a new liquid-cooled tourer from Indian have surfaced
  • Gets a traditional design, to be built for the heavyweight touring class
  • Expect Indian to chuck in loads of technology on the tourer
Indian Liquid Cooled Tourer Patent Intake
This trick intake housing is integrated well within the frame
Indian Liquid Cooled Tourer Patent Side
Indian will do their best to dethrone arch rival Harley-Davidson

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