Maruti Suzuki is yet to announce the price of the new Swift. However the company has already received a whooping 25000 40000 bookings for the upcoming model. The Swift brand is very strong and Maruti has been able to leverage it even amongst growing competition from reputed international automobile giants. Now we already know most of the information on the new Maruti Swift but most of the people who went ahead and booked the car have no clue on the specifications of the new model. But does that matter? As long as there is the Suzuki badge on the car, people will continue to buy Maruti cars without a second thought.

Although 25000 bookings for a car, whose pricing is yet to be announced is not mean feat. But we must not forget that the Swift was commanding a waiting period of three months when Maruti stopped production of the old model. The bookings of the old Swift have been converted into new Swift bookings and a large chunk of the 25000 number comes from people who had placed an order for the old model (obviously they had no clue about a new model coming and even if they did, there was no official confirmation on when it would be coming). Thankfully Maruti Suzuki has hiked production significantly to take care of waiting period on the new model, but still be prepared to wait for a few months before you get your hands on the new Swift.

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