Nissan has unveiled a fresh steering technology by showcasing the Independent Control Steering technology that allows independent control of a vehicle’s steering inputs and tyre angle. All these years, we have seen hydraulic power and electric assist steering systems. Nissan seems to have moved a step forward with this technological advancement. The independent steering technology, basically is an independent control of a vehicle’s tyre angle and steering inputs. The steering is controlled by reading the driver’s intentions by his steering inputs and this controls the tyre movements via electronic signal, rather than through a mechanical link as seen in conventional steering systems.

In the era of digitization, this technological advancement adds to the convenience of the customer. Also, it does save certain amount of energy. The driver gets increased performance from the car as the system quickly and intelligently communicates giving road surface feedback. The driver will be isolated from the road vibrations due to the fact that the steering wheel is isolated from the rest of the steering system. This will be really helpful in Indian driving conditions. The strain on the driver will be less while driving on a straight path as a camera has been mounted on the rear view mirror which constantly monitors the driving pattern. So the driver doesn’t have to make small corrections while going in a straight line.

Another noticeable feature is the vehicle’s controlled trajectory when the system detects crosswinds. Both of these systems are made possible by many ECUs that ride on-board and if one fails, another one is ready to step in instantaneously. In the event that the electronics system experiences a complete and total failure, a backup clutch will kick in to re-connect the steering to the wheels immediately. Nissan hasn’t revealed when this technology will be available exactly. However, it is expected to be present in Infiniti models within a year. Now, it would be interesting to see how this new technology makes the overall driving experience and when will it be available in production. If Nissan delivers the same, then it will surely be a boon to atleast Indian car drivers.