Nissan-Renault has stated that they will use their Indian engineers’ knowledge to develop affordable EVs for the Chinese market.

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Local companies in China are launching affordable EVs, making Nissan feel the heat

Every major automobile manufacturer across the globe is gearing up for the future and Nissan is no different. The automaker is a market leader in many countries but the company has been losing market share in China due to the fact that local companies over there are developing cheaper electric vehicles.

To counter this, Nissan-Renault will be developing low cost electric vehicles at their R&D centre in Chennai, India. These affordable EVs won’t be sold in India now, but they will be meant for the Chinese market. The company wants to use the knowledge that comes out of India but wants to sell the cars in markets where there is more scope and demand.

The Chinese government is providing a lot of support for electric vehicles and hence manufacturers are betting big in that market. According to Nissan, the Indian government isn’t providing much support for electric cars and the market doesn’t exist here. For marketing and selling electric vehicles, support of the government is very necessary.

On the topic of autonomous cars, Nissan-Renault added that these cars will first ply in developed markets like the US and Europe because citizens over there follow rules. In countries like India where people don’t follow traffic rules, will autonomous cars really make sense?

Nissan-Renault Low Cost EVs

– The Chinese government provides good support for EVs
– Nissan-Renault is keen on using knowledge found in India
– Nissan is feeling the heat from local automakers in China

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Nissan-Renault will develop the cars in India but sell them in China

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