Mercedes will be launching plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles in India by 2018 and their cars will also be BS VI compatible.

2015 Smart ForTwo Wallpaper
The Smart ForTwo is currently sold in the US and Europe markets

It is common knowledge that Mercedes-Benz has been showing a product offensive in the Indian market by launching a lot of cars across varied segments here. The automaker is now gearing up to launch plug-in hybrids, pure electric cars and BS VI compatible vehicles in India by 2018.

Mercedes does have a lot of plug-in hybrids and electric cars in its portfolio and the company is also investing in this technology. The automaker has set up a new battery production plant in Germany too. However, officials from Mercedes said that support from the government is required to speed up the process and to obtain certifications too.

The German automaker will launch these alternative fuel cars by 2018, which is 2 years ahead of the government’s plan to introduce BS VI norms in the country. Earlier, BS V norms were slated to come in 2022 and BS VI in 2024 but now the government will skip BS V and introduce BS VI directly in 2020.

Mercedes said that they can easily meet BS VI norms and they need just a year to make changes to their vehicles. The company is also optimistic that they will get an early bird advantage. Mercedes has the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive in its global portfolio along with the B250 e which is on sale since the past couple of years. Daimler also bought a 10% stake in Tesla in 2010.

Mercedes Plug-In Hybrids, EVs

– Mercedes has some plug-in hybrids and EVs in its global portfolio
– The company will launch them here by 2018
– Mercedes cars will also be BS VI ready by 2018

2015 Smart ForTwo Side
Mercedes might just get the early bird advantage when they introduce BS VI cars in 2018