Nissan Z Trademark
Nissan applied for the trademark in February and got it 2 months later

The Nissan Z trademark comes as a surprise really

Nissan has received the trademark for the Z sports car in India. Unveiled last year, the seventh-generation model pays homage to the original Fairlady Z from the ’70s.

The design of the new car which replaces the 370Z is a mix of old school and modern. It has the classic long bonnet and short deck with a blend of sharp lines and curves.

2023 Nissan Z
Some hate the design while other seem to love it

The Nissan Z comes with LED lights on the exterior and inside it has a large digital instrument cluster, 8-inch touchscreen, analogue gauges atop the dash, and several other features.

However, this car is not about the features it has. It is all about ride and handling and performance. Speaking of which, under the bonnet, the car houses a twin turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 motor good for 400 HP and 474 Nm of torque.

There are 2 transmission choices – a 6-speed manual and a 9-speed automatic – on offer, while the rear-wheel drive sports car also comes with launch assist and control system (even the manual variants get it), downshift rev matching, and 2 drive modes (auto only).

2023 Nissan Z Interior
Nissan offers 9 exterior paint options and 3 interior colour themes for the car

The Japanese brand has given the new Z double-wishbone aluminium front suspension, stiffer dampers, improved brakes (the calipers are aluminium), and wide tyres.

It is not clear whether Nissan plans to launch the car in India or if the marque only trademarked the moniker to have all the bases covered. But, since it sells the GT-R here, it should not be hard for the firm to increase its presence in the country’s ever-growing performance car industry.

2023 Nissan Z Rear
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