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Petrol diesel cars being planned to be phased out soon from the Indian market

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has set forth an ambitious vision for India’s automotive sector, aiming to eliminate petrol and diesel vehicles entirely. Gadkari expressed confidence in the feasibility of this goal, stating, “It is difficult but not impossible. This is my vision.”

However, the minister did not provide a specific timeline for achieving this objective. Nonetheless, he emphasised his commitment to removing over 36 crore petrol and diesel vehicles from Indian roads. Gadkari proposed reducing the GST on hybrid vehicles to 5% and on flex engines to 12%, signalling a push towards more eco-friendly transportation options.

Gadkari underscored the potential benefits of such a transition, highlighting the significant expenditure on fuel imports, which amounts to Rs. 16 lakh crore annually. He suggested redirecting these funds towards rural development, agriculture and employment generation, potentially transforming India into a self-reliant, greener economy.

The minister has long been an advocate for alternative fuels, including biofuels. He expressed confidence that the automotive industry is moving towards embracing alternative and biofuels, citing initiatives by major companies such as Bajaj Auto, TVS and Hero MotoCorp to manufacture vehicles equipped with flex engines.

Gadkari’s vision extends beyond just automobiles, as he mentioned advancements in other sectors such as hydrogen-powered cars and trucks, as well as bio-CNG factories across the country.

Environmental activists welcomed Gadkari’s push towards greener mobility but cautioned against the reliance on fossil fuels in electricity production for electric vehicles. Avinash Chanchal, a campaigner for Greenpeace India, stressed the need for a transition to 100% renewable energy to effectively address the climate crisis alongside the adoption of electric vehicles.

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