Bajaj Auto not seeking deadline extension, Rajiv Bajaj sees no ground to seek extension.

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He says the companies had three year notice for the transition

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, some of the companies are left with huge BS4 inventory. Most of them are seeking extension of the BS4 deadline while Bajaj Auto has stepped out of the line.

Rajiv Bajaj says he sees no grounds for seeking an extension of the deadline as the government gave a 3 year notice to all the manufacturers for transition from BS4 to BS6.

He believes companies that are now struggling to liquidate their inventory are those who kept producing BS4 vehicles until February. He says this is “management’s failure to plan at best and greed at worst”.

Rajiv Bajaj claims it demonstrates disrespect for the law, environment and peers as the extension penalises those that have complied with the law.

Most of the stock of Bajaj Auto dealers is BS6 compliant and the company will liquidate VARANI scattered BS4 stock by 31st March.

The Managing Director claims Bajaj Auto has its contingency plan ready should any countermeasures be needed amidst lockdown.

Due to the full impact of BS6 prices, he believes the domestic market will further slow down unless the government lowers the GST rate. On the other hand, the exports are stable at the moment.

Talking about salary cuts in the current situation, he says the company will press hard on products, productivity, and costs before asking for our people to sacrifice.

BS4 Deadline Extension

– Rajiv Bajaj sees no ground for seeking extension
– Companies were given 3 year notice for transition
– Management’s failure to plan production till late February

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Those companies are struggling that continued producing BS4 vehicles until February

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