Skoda is planning to re-launch the third generation Fabia in India after increasing profits, with an aim to cater to the ever flourishing premium hatchback segment.

2015 Skoda Fabia Design
The much awaited third-generation Fabia will finally reach our shores

Skoda India had changed their market strategy for India in 2014 and aimed to improve its poor after sales service and customer satisfaction record. After almost completing a year with their new market strategy, the Czech automaker has revealed that their new plans have already started showing improved ownership experiences and have also confirmed that they will be re-launching the Fabia in India.

Skoda says that it is largely benefiting from sharing manufacturing and other facilities with its sister company Volkwagen and Audi. As a result of this, Skoda is planning to bring back the much awaited Fabia back to the India market. The plans for launching the third generation Fabia was overlooked in 2014, but Skoda is considering to jump into the very fast growing premium hatchback market where the Hyundai Elite i20 has tasted loads of success.

The car maker positioned itself as a value luxury auto brand last year and as a result they have increased their profit margins to quite an extent. To bring about their revival, Skoda India brought about a huge change in processes such as the thorough check-up of cars that are stationed in their workshops for more than three days. They mention to have reduced the repair work required for one particular part of the car which resulted in high costs for the car owner. Skoda has also taken an important step to improve the availability of spare parts and other critical components of the vehicle in most of its dealerships.

Skoda India finally seems to have landed back on Earth, to India rather, and are now considerably catering to customer demands for improving ownership and after sales experiences of their offerings in our country. The new Skoda Fabia is one fine looking car and will definitely send quite a few prospective premium hatchback buyers into their showrooms. The premium hatchback space is seeing a terrific spike in interest, the not so long ago launched Hyundai Elite i20 has become the company’s best-seller while Maruti is preparing the YRA to take on the Korean machine.

2015 Skoda Fabia Rear
With Skoda trying to improve its service, the Fabia might pose trouble for its rivals

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