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Ola Electric to launch new scooters and bikes soon with removable batteries

In a significant development, Ola Electric has secured a design patent for a removable electric battery, expanding its technological range in the electric vehicle sector. This innovation isn’t confined to two-wheelers, the company might also introduce three-wheelers as potential beneficiaries of this technology.

Among the mainstream electric scooter manufacturers in India, only Hero Vida offers removable batteries with its V1 models. Other notable brands like Ather, TVS, Bajaj and Ola itself do not currently feature removable batteries in their products. The introduction of this new battery system by Ola could signal a shift in the industry’s approach to EV design and functionality.

Ola’s venture into removable battery technology isn’t entirely new. When Ola acquired the Dutch startup Etergo, it inherited the AppScooter, which originally featured a removable battery setup. However, during the re-engineering process for the Indian market, Ola opted to forgo this feature in favor of a fixed battery design for its S1 scooters. Now, with a more established presence in India, Ola appears ready to revisit and possibly reintroduce this concept.

While it’s premature to pinpoint exactly which types of vehicles will utilise Ola’s new removable battery, the lighter two-wheelers and three-wheelers seem to be the most likely candidates. The flexibility offered by removable batteries could significantly enhance user convenience, particularly in urban settings where charging infrastructure may still be developing.

Ola’s expansion plans include electric bikes, cars and rickshaws. However, given the current technological and logistical landscape, the immediate application of removable batteries might be more practical for smaller, lighter vehicles rather than full-sized electric cars.

The introduction of removable batteries could provide Ola with a competitive edge, potentially setting new standards for flexibility and convenience in the EV market. It may also influence other manufacturers to reconsider their designs, leading to a broader industry shift towards more versatile battery solutions.

What are your thoughts on this removable battery tech? Do you prefer this or the regular fixed battery design – let us know in the comments section.

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