The Ola S1 fire accident is believed to have happened due to overheating of the battery

One more electric scooter has caught fire in India and this time around it was an Ola S1 Pro. Although the scooter is completely ruined, thankfully, the customer/rider of the 2-wheeler and the people who were near it when it burst into flames are completely safe.

The incident took place on 26th March at Pune in Maharashtra (video linked above) and has left people who have already booked the electric vehicle (EV) or were mulling over the possibility of buying one, in a tangle.

As can be seen in the video, before it catches fire, the Ola S1 Pro which was parked by the side of a road, emits smoke and in an instant was engulfed in flames. People tried to put out the fire by using fire extinguishers and even water.

The actual reason why the EV burst into flames is unknown, but it is believed that overheating of the battery might have led to the incident. Ola Electric has, in its official statement, said it is investigating the matter.

The S1 maker also said the customer of the vehicle is “absolutely safe” and added that the company will “take this incident seriously and will take appropriate action” in the coming days.

This Ola S1 fire accident, if anything, highlights the fact that EVs with Lithium-ion battery packs are not devoid of safety issues. Once Ola Electric learns the root cause of this incident, it would need to be transparent about its findings.

Ola S1 Fire
As more and more people start buying EVs, more such incidents come to the fore