Ola Electric Scooter
It has a very simple, yet pleasing design

Ola Electric has released the official images of its electric scooter and has gone on to reveal details about its upcoming manufacturing facility situated in Tamil Nadu.

Looking exactly like the AppScooter from Etergo EV, the Amsterdam-based brand that the ride-hailing firm purchased last year, the electric 2-wheeler is simply called the “Ola Scooter” for now.

It has a very simple top hat that features few distinct lines. The lighting is likely fully LED and from the side profile, it is clear that the Ola scooter will be a compact machine.

While no other detail about the EV is known, assuming that it has the same specifications and hardware as the Etergo AppScooter, it can be surmised that the vehicle will come with a 7-inch digital touchscreen that provides access to navigation, notifications and music.

Likewise, it should be powered by a 6 kW (maximum power) electric motor that produces 50 Nm of torque and have 3 battery modules that can be used at the same time.

While range per module is claimed to be 80 km, that is achievable only if the scooter is constantly driven around at 20 km. So, real world range will differ massively.

As can be seen in the Ola electric scooter images, it rides on 12-inch alloy wheels wrapped by 110-section rubber, has disc brakes at both ends and sports a single telescopic fork upfront and a monoshock at the back.

Likely to weigh the same as the AppScooter at 74 kg, the Ola scooter should also come with 50-litre underseat storage and be launched soon in India.

As mentioned above, Ola Electric has also revealed the plans for its “FutureFactory” that is coming up in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu at an investment of Rs. 2400 crores.

Claimed to be the world’s largest 2-wheeler factory with an annual capacity of 10 million units, the facility is being built in a 500-acre site. The “Megablock” that will house all production facilities will be built on 43 acres and have a footprint of 2 million sq ft.

According to Ola, it will house 3000 AI robots when made operational and will produce an electric scooter every 2 seconds.

There will be 10 production lines in all, in addition to a battery facility, welding facility, paint shop, motor facility, general assembly and finished goods area, apart from a test track and 2 supplier parks, as well.

The construction of the plant has been divided into 4 phases. While the first phase will be completed by June 2021, second phase by the end of year, third and fourth phases will get over next year.

Phase 1 will ensure that the factory has an annual capacity of 2 million units, claims Ola Electric, adding that it has plans to add a 26-acre Bengaluru terminal, 24 acre Mumbai terminal and 20-acre Delhi terminal, in addition to the megablock, in the future.

Ola Electric Scooter Front
The scooter will be light and practical
Ola Electric Scooter Side
Hopefully, Ola Electric prices the EV right
Ola FutureFactory
The megablock will also house 2 supplier parks
Ola FutureFactory Megablock
Ola claims 10,000 individuals will get direct employment through the factory