The scooter can be seen honking uncontrollably

Ola S1 Pro issues continue to increase with new problems cropping each day, the latest 1 is uncontrolled honking

While, all this time, the Ola S1 Pro issues were only related to the scooter catching fire, sudden range drops, complete breakdown, inconsistent quality, registration problems, and the recent suspension arm breakages, an eyewitness has reported an altogether new issue.

A Twitter user by the name Nirav Chawda has posted a video on his Twitter page which shows an Ola S1 Pro user seated on his scooter curiously looking at something. There could also be heard what looks like an uncontrolled honking sound in the background.

Nirav claimed that the said scooter user was stranded at the spot for half an hour with the scooter’s horn uncontrollably ringing. He also said the user couldn’t even start the EV. Chawda further claimed that the scooter was picked up from the spot post the said time frame.

Few days back, we reported about the scooter’s suspension arm breakage issue. Later an Ola statement read, “Vehicle safety and quality standards are of paramount importance at Ola. Ola today has more than 50,000 scooters on the road.”

Ola S1 Pro Issues Arm Broken
The user said the suspension broke down when it rode over a speed breaker

“So far, our scooters have travelled over 45 million cumulative km on Indian roads. The recently reported incidents of front fork breakage are due to isolated high impact accidents. All our scooters undergo rigorous quality and performance assessment across different terrains and riding conditions in India,” it added.

But, contrary to this statement, another scooter’s suspension arm has been broken now. The issue to brought to light by a Twitter user by the name Priyank Bhardwaj. He said his scooter’s suspension arm broke down when he went over a speed breaker.’

Priyank said that he heard a crack sound and the suspension broken down immediately.

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