Lamborghini SC20 Front
Chopping the entire roof off for driving pleasure? Oh yeah!

Lamborghini has revealed the SC20 roofless supercar that its motorsport department has created to meet the wishes of one wealthy customer.

Only the second one-off model to be developed by Lamborghini Squadra Corse, the SC18 Alston unveiled 2 years earlier being the first, the SC20 is based on the Aventador.

The customer was involved right from the design phase with the shared goal being to create a vehicle with extreme design, performance and one that uses trick aero solutions taken from racing Lamborghinis.

Of course, the material any supercar maker turns towards these days is carbon fibre and the very angular bodywork is entirely made out of it.

Right from the pronounced front splitter, front air intakes, vents, sculpted sides (incorporating the same solutions adopted on the Essenza SCV12), the muscular rear end and the large rear wing, the car looks mean and, perhaps, a bit shouty.

It would not be a one-off if it did not sport exclusive details would it? For example, the body colour named Bianco Fu (created for the customer) is accompanied by flashes of Blu Cepheus.

Inside too there is carbon fibre everywhere, with the cabin adorned with leather and Alcantara. Here too there are nice touches. Lambo says the door handles are made from solid aluminium, while the air vents are 3D-printed jobbies.

One would not mistake it for any other car, for only one exists in all of the world, even if they manage only to catch a glimpse of the roofless supercar.

Such extravagant looks comes with monstrous power too. The Lamborghini SC20 has the 6.5-litre V12 sitting right in the centre, producing 770 HP at 8500 RPM and 720 Nm at 6750 RPM, mated to a 7-speed Independent Shifting Rod (ISR) gearbox.

Should the buyer take the car to the track, it is road-legal by the way, the large carbon fibre wing at the back can be set in 3 positions, to reduce or increase downforce levels.

What about the price you ask? Well, we do not know. But, it would have cost a lot, lot more than the costliest of Aventadors.

Lamborghini SC20

  • Lamborghini has revealed the SC20 roofless supercar
  • It is a one-off model created by the firm’s motorsport department
  • Sports a 6.5-litre V12 that puts out 770 HP and 720 Nm
Lamborghini SC20 Interior
I presume crash helmets are a must during all journeys
Side Profile
The motorsport department has gone to town with this car
Top View
What better way to hear the V12 other than to chop the roof off?
Rear Profile
Hopefully it does not spend its time sitting in a storage facility
Lamborghini SC20
Somehow, the roofless design works well on what is basically an Aventador underneath