One Off Rolls Royce Patent
Front is inspired by the Phantom VIII, but similarities end there

Patent images of a one-off Rolls-Royce have been leaked online and god does it look absolutely marvelous!

BMW had filed a design with Brazil’s IPO for a Rolls Royce model back in March. A prior filing for the same took place on 18th September 2019, but in Germany.

I need to get one thing off of my chest right away. Look at it! I reckon somebody with a lot of cash, while on a gentle cruise on one of his many luxury yachts thought, hang on a minute, why not make a toy that matches this boat but runs on land?

That is how the car in the patent images look, like a land yacht, a stellar looking one at that. The front of the car looks like the Phantom VIII but with very slim headlights, smaller grille and a wider air dam. There are two very lights below the main ones as well.

It is clearly a coupe with only two doors and two lines from the bonnet run across the sides. While the top one runs across the car’s length, the second one tails off on the door skin.

Below, it seems like a chrome trim that runs from the bottom half of the bumper till the back, all the while rising softly. One distinctive feature is the gap between the actual pillar and the part that connects the roof and the rear deck lid.

At the rear we can see slim tail lights and a lined surface that might be wood trim with chrome lining. But don’t hold us up to it, for all these are assumptions. But what we can tell for sure is that the boot lid is hinged in the middle, yes you read that right.

The one-off Rolls-Royce might be intended to be showcased at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este that happens in Italy every year. This year, it was postponed due to you know what and it was there in 2017 that Rolls Royce unveiled the Sweptail. That must tell you everything.

One-Off Rolls-Royce

  • Patent images of a one-off Royce-Royce model have been leaked
  • BMW has filed a patent in Brazil for the car back in March
  • Could be unveiled at the next Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este
One-off Rolls-Royce front
The real definition of a land yacht might be this one-off luxury car
One-off Rolls-Royce side
Simple, yet elegant and classy, this one is for the super rich
One-off Rolls-Royce rear
The boot lid sems to be hinged in the middle!
One-off Rolls-Royce
Whom else can see boat-like design elements from this angle?

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