2012 Parx Super Car Show Review
2012 Parx Super Car Show - Click above for high resolution picture gallery

The 4th Parx Supercar Show witnessed “MASSIVE” turnout of Mumbaikars to have a glimpse of the most exotic dream-machines proudly owned by fellow Indians. On a beautiful bright, sunny and cool Sunday morning people flocked to the Mahalaxmi Racecourse with their families, friends & colleagues to have a gala time, and they were definitely not disappointed. With the latest super-beauties lined-up along the lush green moist grass, fans were engrossed in clicking, screaming and posing alongside the mean-machines.

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The organizers did a fantastic job, the event went smooth without any issues, although the flag-off was bottle-necked due to huge crowds & traffic waiting for the cars to come out the Racecourse and hit the roads. It would be too harsh to blame the organizers for that, after all its “MUMBAI Meri Jaan.” Choosing the Racecourse as the venue was the best decision, as it played host to over 100 cars and thousands of people effortlessly.

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It was a treat to all the people, who woke up early morning specially on Sunday and gathered around the venue as early as 8am from all corners of the city. At the time of the Flag-Off, all the spectators were given a treat of their life, with all the supercars lining-up, flashing and roaring their engines to their SCREAMS, ready to hit the roads. “REVV REVV REVV” screamed the crowd within touching distance of these supercars with no barricades and fences, and they got what they wanted. What more can one ask for?

So, was it necessary to wake up early and rush to Mahalaxmi?

No way, remember it was a supercar parade and the Racecourse was just the Tip of the ICE-BERG. Really?, Yes I dare say the excitement, fun and energy, and also the number of people was a fraction of what was still yet to come. The media cars followed the last one out of the gate and onto the roads of Haji Ali, and it turned out to be even more Mumbaikars waiting outside on the streets, lined-up taking all the space available on the road, even the dividers were not spared. Standing there with the cameras out ready to shoot and scream at an on-coming 2-seater, while others in their cars half the body out-side the windows and sunroof followed the parade to bandra and back.

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The BEST PART of this parade were witnessed by very few and lucky people who were smart enough to wait for these cars in the BANDRA-WORLI sealink, which included us too. The scene was no less than a HOLLYWOOD ACTION movie, wide empty roads, sea-breeze, sun shining bright on the tarmac, and then you hear it, the sound of monsters approaching you while your eyes search here and there, and “THERE THERE THERE, I see it..!!”. Supercars, more than 20 of them, in full flow, hitting speed excess of 150, staring right at you through their eyes, the roar becomes louder as if someone is slowly turning up the volume of the speakers around you, and then “ZOOM” “ROAR” “ZOOM” “ROAR”…… one bye one each of them passes by you with your head doing left-right-left, the Ferraris, Lamborginis, Audi R8s, all of them, running down towards you, the suspension pole and cables of the bridge acting like a GRANDE ENTRANCE, welcoming these beauties to the people desperately waiting at the BANDRA end.

If you missed all the fun this year, make sure you set a reminder in your HEAD for next year. And yes, book your place in advance on the route to catch a lifetime moment in your hearts and cameras.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDZSTyxsz_Q 540 375]

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