The Petronas Sprinta with UltraFlex technology has been launched, offers better long term durability for bikes.

Petronas Sprinta UltraFlex
The Petronas Sprint UltraFlex has a stronger oil film which reduces effects of engine stress

Petronas has just launched the Sprinta with UltraFlex lubricant range in India and it is their flagship offering for the motorcycle segment. The Sprinta is made to resist engine stress and promote a longer bike life. This range of lubricants is aimed at those riders who want reliable and better quality rides from their bikes.

The Petronas Sprinta with UltraFlex Technology comes with a strong oil film that enhances oil stability and addresses the diverging effects of bike stress. Tests have shown that the oil film strength is 41% higher than the industry benchmark. It helps the engine to endure effects of load, speed and engine stress without breaking down. The lubricant also offers better deposit control for better performance from the engine.

Petronas Sprinta UltraFlex

– The Petronas Sprinta UltraFlex will be made available globally in phases, starting 30th March 2017
– The company is looking to target a significant part of the growing market
– The lubricant offers better reliability and performance from the bike

Petronas Sprinta UltraFlex India
The entire range of Petronas Sprinta UltraFlex for India