Peugeot Onyx Super Scooter Concept

With the first motorcycle manufactured in 1898 by the French automaker and since then Peugeot has launched many motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, mostly to serve the domestic market’s needs. The sole motorcycle manufacturer in France, Peugeot had been experimenting with tri-cycle and quadri-cycle structure for quite a time now, to get more and more polished to bring a Hybrid Tricycle Scooter. The tricycle was realized from the Peugeot Onyx supercar’s design, which is very muscular and aggressive. Peugeot Onyx Scooter is one unique concept and will be showcased at the 2012 Paris Motor Show along with the Peugeot Onyx supercar.

The Peugeot Concept Scooter has two wheels up-front and one wheel behind. This type of design offers stability and control to the rider in a congested environment. The body is colored in matte black and bronze finish, just like the Onyx car. With changeable center ClipBox, included in the design, the Onyx Scooter can be converted in a motorbike or a scooter, as per the needs. The scooter or the Urban-mode, is all about comfort and is suited for snaking through heavy traffic. The motorcycle or the Sports-mode, is about exhilaration and provides for an aerodynamic posture, for open roads and faster moments.

The Onyx concept Scooter comes with a plug-in hybrid engine, along with a 400cc (0.4-liters) internal combustion engine with an electric motor, for the rear wheel. This system can produce up to 60 BHP of power output and 58 Nm of torque output, and can take you to a maximum of 150 km/h. With consumption of 50 km/l, the Onyx Hybrid Scooter can take you 30 kms at 50 km/h in ZEV mode, and up to 500 kms in the combined mode, making it a feasible choice. Peugeot has no production plans for this hybrid scooter yet.

Peugeot Onyx Super Scooter