2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo S

It is rumoured that the German luxury super car maker, Porsche is now developing a smaller, sedan on the looks of Panamera to compete with its rival Mercedes Benz E Class and the CL Coupe. Called the Pajun, the estimated price places the Pajun somewhere upwards of $84,000. According to a report released by Reuters, Porsche after its success with the Panamera is now thinking about going for a smaller 4 door version of the luxury sedan.

The name Pajun has been revealed by another German magazine AutoBild and with the Pajun Porsche will be expanding its portfolio to 6 model lines. However, Porsche spokesman Hans-Gerd Bode told Reuters that while there were many ideas for a sixth model, any final decisions have not been made. Next year, Porsche is also going to bring out their luxury compact SUV, the Macan, its 5th model in the product line-up.

Though Porsche officials are not commenting right now on the likability of Pajun, auto analysts think that going by Porsche’s recent approach to expanding its vehicle portfolio the creation of Pajun is likely. Critics had commented highly against the Panamera and the Cayenne when Porsche had showcased the model for the first time. According to them, these models were going to be utter flops but Porsche proved them wrong.