The new generation Honda FCX Clarity looks sharper with better materials used and boasts of a best-in-class range of 700 kms on a single charge.

2016 Honda FCX Clarity Tokyo Motor Show
The Honda FCX Clarity uses lithium-ion batteries, power is rated at 177 PS

While hydrogen powered vehicles may not be as popular as EVs, automakers are pushing the clean fuel technology in developed markets foreseeing an emission free future. With Toyota having introduced the new Mirai recently in several markets, Honda has joined the list as well and revealed the new generation production spec Clarity Fuel Cell (FCX Clarity) at the ongoing Toyota Motor Show. This time though, the FCX Clarity is not limited to the US and Japan markets but will be making its debut in Europe by 2017.

Evolved from the FCEV concept showcased at last year’s LA Auto Show, the Honda FCX Clarity gets a distinctive exterior styling but has been toned down compared to the concept. The front fascia gets a bold grille with the very sharp looking full LED headlights while the front fenders seamlessly integrate into the bumper and house LED fog lamps. The aircraft style controls and wraparound dashboard from the concept have been given a miss while the model is leaps ahead when compared to the first generation model.

Coming to the powertrain, the Honda FCX Clarity is equipped with a high-pressure tank capable of storing hydrogen gas at 70 MPa and can be completely charged in around three minutes from a charging station. The new tank has helped store more hydrogen cells thereby extending the range of the vehicle. As a result, the FCX Clarity comes with a vehicle range per full tank of over 700 kms, best-in-class and also higher than the Toyota Mirai.

The Honda FCX Clarity uses a high output fuel cell stack and assistance comes from the lithium-ion battery pack that propels the wheels for instant acceleration. The motor produces a healthy 177 PS of power and with no gears, Honda says the Clarity Fuel Cell is quick in achieving the zero to top speed run. Further intensifying things, the FCX comes with Normal mode for improved performance and economy while the Sport mode lends for more responsive acceleration.

With sales to commence in the UK, Honda is working on establishing a solar-powered hydrogen refuelling station in the grounds of the automaker’s manufacturing facility in Swindon and will be open to the general public for refuelling (subject to registration).

2016 Honda FCX Clarity Reveal
The new Honda FCX Clarity gets LED headlights, the coupe roofline looks premium
2016 Honda FCX Clarity Showcase
The UK will be a completely new market to get the FCX Clarity from 2017