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When the KTM Duke 200 was launched, we were yet to ride it. So I went to the Bajaj Pro-biking showroom (now KTM showroom) at Bund Garden road in Pune, for a small test ride. I put down my name and number for the test ride. Just now I got a call from KTM showroom asking me what I have decided about the Duke 200. I said I don’t plan to buy it at this moment. The lady on the phone informs me that they have started taking bookings for the Pulsar 200 NS and the booking amount is Rs. 10,000/-. On further inquiry, she informs me that deliveries will happen in this month itself and the ex-showroom Pune price of the Pulsar 200 NS is Rs. 85,270/-. Dealers confirm the on-road price for the Pulsar 200 NS to be Rs. 94,300/-

While this news might have credibility to it, I will still wait for official confirmation from Bajaj Auto on this matter. But there are little chances of the pricing being wrong or inaccurate because dealers never reveal prices before they get news from the company. It is quite possible Bajaj Auto has started bookings only for Pune city, as the company might want to do a phased launch of the bike. This will also enable them to take feedback from customers and make changes accordingly before commencing production on full steam. The company had done something similar with the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi in 2007.

A pricing of Rs. 94,300/- on-road might sound a bit difficult to achieve as the Pulsar 220 sits right below the Pulsar 200 NS in terms of pricing. But Bajaj Auto could reduce prices of the P220 to distinguish it from the P200 NS. Also Bajaj Auto saves alot of money (close to Rs. 8000/-) by not offering the Pulsar 200 NS with a fuel-injection system. So its not that difficult for them to price the Pulsar 200 NS so aggressively. The launch is certain to happen in the next couple of weeks and pan-India deliveries will start only next month. At the Discover ST launch, Bajaj Auto said that the Pulsar 200 NS deliveries will start in early-June. So if you were waiting for the Pulsar 200 NS, you should head to your nearest pro-biking showroom now. Yes Bajaj Auto is still selling the Pulsar through Pro-biking showrooms.

Update – We got in touch with a few dealers and they have revealed that the Rs. 90,000/- price is ex-showroom, which equates to an on-road price of Rs. 94,300/- (Pune). We also spoke to a Mumbai dealer who has told us that Rs. 1000/- is the cancellation charge for the Pulsar 200 NS.

Pulsar 200 NS Pune Price – Rs. 94,300/-
Pulsar 200 NS Mumbai Price – Rs. 99,220/- (all prices on-road, including insurance charges).

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