Harley-Davidson and customizing are two things which go hand in hand and this time Rajputana Customs is back to make the Street 750 even more appealing to cruiser enthusiasts

Harley Davidson Street 750 Review
Rajputana says Street 750 is the perfect Harley to go under the hammer

After showcasing the Street Custom Concepts Bikes earlier this year at Auto Expo 2014 and India Bike Week 2014, Harley-Davidson India has come back with yet another custom concept for Harley enthusiasts in India. Motorcycle Rajputana Customs is showcasing the first ever Harley-Davidson Street 750 built by an independent custom bike builder in India. The guys at Rajputana are well known for their hardwork and dedication towards customizing cruisers throughout the nation. Changing the Street’s look while keeping the traditional Harley styling intact is what Rajputana is going to show once the bike is complete. Needless to say, work is in progress as we speak and the finished product will be seen on 15-16th November, when the Harley Rock Riders event will start.

A quick chat with Vijay Singh, head of Rajputana customs tell us that the Street 750 has the potential to be modified to really make it stand out from the other Streets on the roads. Street 750 is a black canvas for modifying is what Rajputana guys say. The modifications will run around the original concept and the idea is to change bits which are not appealing or to make things that suit a particular person’s taste. Performance mods will only include a better exhaust and filter which will come from Harley accessory range itself. There are a lot of changes which we are about to see on the Rajputana customized Street 750 and this is not even the base that we have scratched here. We will leave to the guys at Rajputana as this is not the first Harley they have modified. The Iron and the Forty-Eight have gone under the hammer with Rajputana Customs some time back.

Harley bikes have a huge appeal not only in the mind of customers but for various custom houses throughout the world. The designs are easily accessible for subtle changes or complete changes without starting from the scratch. After all, the idea of cruiser comes from Harley-Davidson itself as every cruiser lover wants to make his ride look like a Harley or wants to buy one and make it stand out of the crowd is common affair as we all know. We wish the best of luck to team Rajputana Customs and are eager to see how the Street concept develops in the hands of custom bike builders.

Rajputana Rajmata
Rajputana customs modified the Iron 883 before the Street came