The Troller T4 concept comes with additional accessories and special exterior custom paint job that gives a more aggressive and authentic off-roader look to the SUV.

Ford Troller T4 Concept
The Ford Troller T4 Concept gets snorkel, winch, steel chest & custom paint job

Ford has unveiled the new Troller T4 concept SUV that will make its public debut at the Sao Paulo Motor Show set to commence in Brazil from tomorrow. The new concept is based on the Ford Troller T4 SUV and packs in a host of off-roading accessories that lend an aggressive appeal to the SUV, while also enhancing its all-terrain capabilities. Starting with the list of additions, the new T4 concept comes with a snorkel, winch, steel chest, front and rear bumper and new mud terrain off-road tyres. Accentuating the custom themed look, the Troller T4 Concept is done up in a dual-tone light and dark brown paint scheme, while the alloy wheels are finished in a dark metallic brown shade.

On the inside, the Ford Troller T4 Concept comes loaded with luxury and creature comforts including an infotainment system with navigation support, automatic climate control and leather upholstered seats. The interiors of the 3-door SUV are done up in a grey and brown theme that lend a premium appeal to the SUV. Under the hood, the T4 concept comes with the same 3.2-litre 5-cylinder engine that produces 197 HP of power, paired to a 6-speed manual gearbox from the regular version.  However, the American automaker did state that the concept SUV has received high performance shock absorbers that guarantee stability and robustness in extreme trails.

Ford will also unveil a Troller T4 based ‘Rescue concept car’ at the Sao Paulo Motor Show that enhances the all-terrain capabilities of the SUV and will help the vehicle reach difficult places in case of an emergency. The Rescue concept comes with new tail lights, LED lights on the sides, special tyres wrapped around 17-inch alloy wheels and a plank to transport that is attached to the roof. At the rear, the rescue concept gets a rack to store tools. Differentiating the T4 Rescue concept from the regular version is the orange and blue accents that will certainly help the model stand out. Both the models will be showcased at the Sao Paulo Motor Show starting tomorrow and Ford’s production plans are expected to be revealed at the debut.

Ford Troller T4 Concept Dashboard
The cabin comes loaded with automatic climate control, infotainment & navigation
Ford Troller T4 Concept Interior
The seats are upholstered in leather, while the cabin gets brown inserts
Ford Troller T4 Concept Side Brazil
Ford Brazil has not specfied if the concept will be offered a customized package to customers
Ford Troller T4 Concept Rear
The Troller T4 Concept gets the same 3.2-litre engine from the regular version
Ford Troller T4 Rescue Concept Brazil
The Troller Rescue Concept enhances the all-terrain capabilities of the SUV