Range Rover Evoque Convertible Review
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Range Rover Evoque Convertible Review

Car Tested: Range Rover Evoque Convertible; Road Test No. 980

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 83.37 lakhs

The Evoque Convertible grabs massive attention when the roof is down

The Range Rover Evoque created quite a sensation when it was first showcased in concept form. Now a decade later, it still has the wow factor, thanks to Land Rover’s continuous experiments, the latest being a convertible. Yes, you read that right, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible is not a dream but a reality which defies logic to the extent where people start to wonder, does a convertible SUV make any sense at all, that too in three-door form?

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The rear looks boxy and just a little undone

Exteriors – Range Rover makes some seriously good looking cars which have a mean appeal to them. The Range Rover Evoque is no different and the Convertible is even better because there’s simply no other vehicle like it. The Evoque Convertible has the same front as the hardtop Evoque albeit with some changes. The front bumper has been redesigned and also houses bigger air scoops. Those adaptive LED headlights and rectangular front grille make it a proper Range Rover and the air vents on the bonnet give it that sporty appeal. Move to the sides and the similarity continues, however, it is the rear where a major change is seen. The fenders have been redesigned while the tailgate is all-new to accommodate the fabric, Z-fold mechanism roof. Honestly, it’s not the most attractive rear profile but does the job well to be a part of this SUV. The Evoque Convertible that I tested came in a white colour with amazing looking piano black contrasts all around the car.

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The touch infotainment system has begun to feel outdated

Interiors – Ever wondered what separates a Land Rover from a Range Rover? It is the luxury that you are greeted with when you enter the car. A Land Rover like the Discovery has more functional interiors as compared to what the Range Rover Evoque Convertible has to offer. The seats of the Evoque Convertible are finished in a nice soft brownish leather with black contrasts. The front seats are as comfortable as ever and are electrically-adjustable. Range Rover has maintained the practicality aspect of the car by giving it rear seats too. They are similar to the seats on the front and surprised me with their good under-thigh support. But adults (above 5-feet 10 inches) will feel cramped for legroom when the front seats are pushed all the way back. They are, however, perfect for children.

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The practicality is maintained with rear seats which are perfect for children

The Evoque Convertible gets the same dashboard as the hardtop Evoque

It is all-black with silver accents and has a 10-inch touch infotainment system that has begun to feel outdated. It lacks the responsiveness or the speed of the Range Rover Touch Pro Duo system found on the new Range Rovers but does come with a 13-speaker Meridian sound system. There’s, however, no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto support, strange. The dual-zone climate control works well and below it sits the mode selector knob. The instrument cluster has an analogue tachometer and speedometer with a multi-information display that gives you a tonne of information. A heads-up display allows you to only see the most important readings. The overall fit and finish of the car is good but could have been better. It is, however important to note that the new generation model is around the corner and it is expected to iron out all the issues that come with the existing one.