The bikes have been updated with a cylinder deactivation system and new features for added comfort and practicality.

2019 Indian Chief Roadmaster
2019 Indian Chief Roadmaster gets an optimised audio system

Based on customer feedback, Indian Motorcycles have updated their Chief, Springfield and Roadmaster motorcycles with an advanced engine technology, three riding modes and new features for that added practicality. Although each one of them is important, it has to be the advanced engine technology that catches all the attention here.

The Thunder Stroke 111 engine that powers the Indian Chief, Springfield and Roadmaster motorcycles is now equipped with a Rear Cylinder Deactivation system. What it allows it to do is that when the engine reaches operating temperature and the ambient temperature exceeds 15 degree Celsius, the rear cylinder automatically deactivates when the bike is at a standstill. This results in less engine heat for improved comfort and increased fuel efficiency. The rear cylinder instantly reactivates when the throttle is applied for a seamless transition to full power.

The Indian Chief, Springfield and Roadmaster now come with three Ride Modes. These are Tour, Standard and Sport and the riders can choose one based on their riding style. Tour mode features a smooth throttle response for relaxed cruising. The Standard mode features a comparatively faster throttle response and well-balanced power delivery for responsive passing power and predictable, slow-speed handling. The Sport mode features an instant throttle response and aggressive power delivery of the 161.6 Nm of peak torque that the engine produces.

There is also an optimised 100 Watt audio system for improved sound quality on the 2019 Indian Roadmaster. It comes with a fully customisable dynamic equalizer that adjusts specific frequencies at different vehicle speeds. As speed increases, the equalizer automatically adjusts each frequency to compensate for road, wind and engine noise. The prices for the Indian Chief, Springfield and Roadmaster are not yet known but we expect them to be slightly higher than the 2018 models because of the added equipment. The bikes, like all other Indian motorcycles, cater to the high profile buyers.

Indian Motorcycles Cylinder Deactivation

– The technology has debuted on the Indian Chief, Springfield and Roadmaster motorcycles
– It allows the rear cylinder to deactivate when the bike comes to a standstill
– Helps in rider comfort and saving fuel

2019 Indian Chief Springfield
Cylinder deactivation feature will help in efficiency