A Range Rover Evoque lost control over slippery road conditions and jumps off a bridge, crashing severely but passengers walk out unhurt.

Range Rover Evoque Bridge Falll
Occupants walked out of this Range Rover Evoque with minor injuries

The Range Rover Evoque belongs to a family which is known for taking risks with their extreme off-road capabilities. Having such potential, the baby Range Rover is responsible too, for the safety of its occupants. How safe is the jazzy looking British SUV you ask? Well, the Euro NCAP gave it a hearty five stars for its safety back in 2011 and now a video shows us how sturdy the Land Rover compact SUV is. This video has been taken in Sochi, Russia, where an Evoque flies off a flyover and what happens next is just incredible.

It shows a snowy and slippery road where the traffic is moving slowly because of the bad road conditions. Few seconds later a sedan comes speeding that loses a bit of control fumbling near the edge of the bridge, gets saved by a few inches. Soon, the Evoque arrives from the tunnel losing total control and traction over the surface and jumps off the bridge. It first crashes onto the railing then falls down sideways overturning once. Thankfully there was no car or pedestrian underneath but the Evoque appeared to be wrecked totally.

However, the passengers walk out safely. A fellow road user just reached the spot within a few seconds after the accident and helped them get out of the car, opening those jammed doors. The Evoque actually exhibits its tank-like build in this video. This shows how important is the safety aspect of a car and that’s why we repeatedly and relentlessly speak out for safety issues on cars offered in India. While most of the premium luxury cars come well equipped with safety tech, many mass market cars are still not getting the basic safety requirements of a car. Same is the case with motorcycles. We hope the new regulations for safety in India are implemented effectively in the near future.

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