With the Indian Grand Prix zooming ahead in no time, it seems that the whole country has been bit by the F1 bug. With a lot of media coverage suddenly all eyes are now on the less seen sport of F1 in India. Taking advantage of this perfect timing Red Bull has organised this one of a kind event where you can play the guy at the Pit Stop during the F1 races. The job may sound very exciting and cool but when in between the race the pit guys have to fix the car in the least time possible in order to win the race

Red Bull is offering you this thrilling experience at a city near you. The venues decided are  Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Kolkata and Pune . A challenge to test your pit lane skills on a real F1 set up and be the one to manage a tyre switch in the shortest possible time will be given. All you need to do is go the venues with your desired Pit team and participate in this one of kind event help specially for F1 fans.