Renault Duster AMT Review
With an AMT, the Duster has become even more practical

Renault Duster AMT Long Term Review

With an excellent suspension and a practical & spacious cabin, the Duster is still the king of its segment

Last time around, we had swapped our Duster AMT in Mumbai for the AWD in Delhi. The Duster AWD truly showed its colours in our Delhi to Mumbai trip. Stupendous ride quality, great steering feel and lots of boot space to carry all our luggage. With the AWD at our disposal, we did take the path less taken, though longer in terms of distance, it was more fulfilling to drive on. The Duster AWD is possibly the best monocoque SUV you can buy in India for the buck but does it make sense for someone who just drives in the city?

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You can’t beat the convenience of an automatic in the city

Well, our drive in the city is rather very mundane. Home to office and back is the most frequently taken route and occasionally we head out of town for a weekend getaway. This whole situation made us swap the Duster AWD for the AMT again, for the comfort and convenience the automatic offered far outweighed the occasional time we would go off-roading. The AMT had proved to be extremely comfortable in the daily grind. With the traffic situation only getting worse year by year, automatic is certainly the thing of the coming times.