The Latin spec Renault Duster scored 4 out of 5 stars in Adult protection and 2 out of 5 stars in child protection, but the body shell integrity was rated as unstable.

2015 Renault Duster Brazil Facelift
Duster base variant with a driver-side airbag as standard was tested by Latin NCAP

The Renault Duster was recently tested for safety under the stringent Latin NCAP and managed to score four stars. The Duster in question was a Colombia made base version featuring a driver-side airbag as standard and missed out on most safety features including ABS, passenger-side airbag, driver-side knee airbag and ISOFIX anchorages. In terms of protection, the Latin NCAP awarded the Duster 11 out of 17 points in Adult Occupation Protection (AOP) resulting in a four out of five star rating.

The Latin NCAP crash results stated that the frontal impact tests saw the driver head well protected but the passenger head was close to contact with the dashboard. The chests showed marginal protection from the restraint systems. Furthermore, the crash test concluded that there were hazardous structures in the area in the vehicle that could impact the driver and front passenger knees.

Coming to Child Occupant Protection (COP), the Renault Duster scored just 21.37 out of 49 resulting in the Renault Duster acquiring two out of five stars. The crash test concluded that the child seat was unable to prevent excessive forward movement during the impact and offered low protection to the chest and neck. The Latin NCAP did not conduct the side impact test on the Duster while the body shell integrity was rated as unstable.

In 2011, Euro NCAP had tested the Dacia Duster and the compact SUV managed to score three out of five stars. The Duster achieved 74 percent in AOP, 78 percent in COP, 28 percent in pedestrian protection and 29 percent in safety assists. Compared to the Latin version though, the Euro spec version received dual front airbags but missed out on other electronic assists and some safety features.

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