Renault has recently become a part of what is known as the European association of motorcycle manufacturers, the ACEM. Alright, the conclusion anyone would jump onto is that Renault probably has plans to enter the 2-wheeler segment, but that’s not the scenario here. The French car maker’s electric vehicle Twizy finds itself categorized as a heavy quadricycle. This qualifies Renault to enter the ultra-compact urban vehicles segment belonging to the L-category. Although primarily for 2-wheelers, this category has a provision to slot a light 4-wheeled vehicle with weight and power restrictions.

To an onlooker the Renault Twizy is a car, but that’s not how Renault wishes it to be called or categorized. By slotting it in the L-category, Renault can evade all the stringent crash tests that otherwise a car would have to pass through. The committee heads and European motorcycle manufacturers agreed to Renault’s inclusion in the ACEM making it the fourteenth manufacturer of the association. Maybe they could benefit with a little technology sharing with Renault.

We are not sure why Renault is shy to undergo the tests or categorize the Twizy among cars, but it has done it’s part to manufacture Twizy in a safe way. The deformable structure of the body and frame offers a level of protection inside the cabin. Additionally, the outward protusion of the wheels also provide protection from side impacts. The Twizy also comes equipped with one front airbag and seatbelts on both the seats. It was showcased in India several times but Renault has no plans to launch it here.


Source – VisorDown