Rinspeed Regus XchangE

A self-driving car is in the making with a prime focus on turning daily commute into productive times. Although the developers are not promoting the car around its self-driving theme, but rather its benefits as a mobile office. None the less, it should still be exciting to discuss such an innovation. This mobile office concept has been named as XchangE and is the brainchild of a well known firm Regus which pioneers as a global workplace provider. Regus has partnered with a Swiss firm Rinspeed, which is the driving-force behind the driverless car. Rinspeed is an innovation driven auto firm which masters in car concepts many of which are being widely used nowadays.

The XchangE is a very appealing electric sedan. The purpose behind a driverless car is that the occupant can ease the tension from driving and rather let people relax doing something recreational or creative. Regus has channelled this principle and focused on providing workplace solutions during the commute time for those busy business heads. It will benefit people to work or conduct meetings on the move. The front seats in the XchangE can swivel backwards and create a workspace for four people. On the inside, it will be equipped with advanced infotainment system and all other office gadgetry.

The XchangE will be driven by ‘steer by wire’ technology. This technology relies more on electric actuators and sensors which will govern the steering. This means the steering mechanism will have less mechanical linkages. The steering can simply be slid to the centre of the dashboard and not create any hindrance to the swivelling seats. Autonomous driving is considered to be the long viewed future of the automobile industry. Or even the ultimate future of cars. Many developments by major companies are in the making. Rinspeed seems to be among the top developers of this technology and are extremely confident in transforming this concept into reality through their driver-less car.

More exciting details about this self-driven office car will be learnt sooner. The XchangE will debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It will be exciting to learn about the technologies behind this concept as well as check out how the interiors have been done so as to facilitate working on the move.

Rinspeed-Regus XchangE Driverless Car

Rinspeed-Regus XchangE Interiors