2012 Rinspeed DockGo

The Swiss based car maker and tuning firm, Rinspeed had showcased a concept last year at the Geneva Motor Show which was something crazy. They showcased a new unconventional concept called Dock+Go which was basically a wagon attachment which could be used to recharge the battery. This time at the 2012 Geneva International Motor Show, Rinspeed went on to make the concept stranger. This time, the company has increased the functionality of the dock from just being a battery charger to a complete wheeled backpack.

Developed around the GM Smart ForTwo, the Rinspeed Dock+Go uses a modular system that allows for the two attachments to be used at once thus creating a four-axle ForTwo. The last backpack is called a “Variohybrid” and drives the wheels of the intermediary backpack and so charges the batteries it contains. Rinspeed visualizes this concept having endless possibilities. It can range from being a pizza delivery car with a built-in isothermal box to keep your favourite pizzas oven hot while being transported to being a stow area for your winter sports gear and incorporate a rolling “sound pack” converting your car into a moving DJ centre.

Rinspeed has entered into a special tie-up with Goodyear for the development of low-resistance tires of 205/40 R 17 spec whose eye catchy silver covers are attached to red fasteners with rubber bands. On the inside, the most dominant colours are black and red. Fabrics are made of high tech Schoeller yarns that have strong thermoregulation capability and also help absorb moisture. Will this car actually make practical sense on the road, is hard to say but Rinspeed indeed, has got a very striking new concept of transport with them.

2012 Rinspeed DockGo interior

2012 Rinspeed DockGo delivery

2012 Rinspeed DockGo pickup