Rolls Royce has launched its Phantom Coupe in India. The two-door, four seater Coupe that measures in at a little over 5.6 meters in length and weighs in at around 2.5 tonnes (unladen) is available at a price tag of 4 crore.


Based on the Phantom, the Coupe derives heavily from the 101EX in terms of styling. It is hard to mistake the face of the Coupe with its LED lights. The engine in the Phantom Coupe is the same 6.75 litre petrol engine from the Phantom. It comes with direct injection, variable valve timing and lift which results in 453bhp and 720Nm of torque. Most of it on demand from near about idle.


For a sportier experience the Coupe comes with stiffer rear dampers with modified spring rates while the front end gets heavier anti-roll bars; this helps reduce body-roll around corners. There is a sports button on the steering wheel too, that will switch the gearbox program logic to hold gears longer, the accelerator response will also quicken and gear changes get faster. Since this is a two-door it is also shorter – by a quarter of a meter; that should make this two and a half tonne car a bit quicker around corners! All the while, the self levelling air-suspension cocoons you from the harsh world outside.


The company claims to have already sold two units of the 453 bhp coupe. Customers have the choice of customizing the car to any specification of their choice.