2022 Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy
The figurine is now shorter and more streamlined

Rolls-Royce says the Spirit of Ecstasy was reimagined for its future cars

The iconic Rolls-Royce ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ figurine has been redesigned to grace the bonnet of its future cars, including all-electric ones starting with the Spectre.

It was back on 6th February 1911 that the figurine was first registered as intellectual property of the British marque and over the years, she has undergone many changes.

The automotive mascot is now lower at 82.73 mm, while her predecessor was 100.01 mm tall. The robes of the figurine have also been reshaped to be more aerodynamic.

But chiefly, unlike earlier where she was tilting at the waist, with legs together and straight, now the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy has her body tucked low and has 1 leg forward.

2022 Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy Side
The figurine has been rendered in various sizes and materials and even in a kneeling position too

According to Rolls-Royce, the Spirit of Ecstasy had to be redesigned for the Spectre, for the electric vehicle (EV) is set to become the brand’s most aerodynamic product.

The redesign, Rolls-Royce claims, has contributed to the electric luxury coupe’s drag coefficient (cd) of 0.26 in early prototypes. This figure is bound to improve over time.

The luxury carmaker claims the new design of the figurine captures the essence of the original drawings made by her creator, the illustrator and sculptor Charles Sykes.

Each Spirit of Ecstasy will be finished by hand and will appear on all of Rolls-Royce’s future models. But, the previous design will be used on Cullinan, Dawn, Ghost, Phantom, Wraith and Black Badge models.