In a bid to boost sales, Rolls-Royce will now be targeting females in India. This move comes in after the drop in sales as compared to previous years.

Rolls Royce Wraith Launch Rear Profile
The newer models feature sportier styling, increasing their appeal

Rolls-Royce has been the epitome of luxury providing the world with cars which can make a style statement without even trying. One look at the Spirit of Ecstasy and a person is bound to be enamored by the opulence and class of the limousines. In India, Rolls-Royce has been a status symbol and a great sign to announce your arrival. Ever since these cars have been brought to India, they have been a part of the garages of the rich and the famous. With more and more entrepreneurs emerging in the nation, sales of the luxemobiles should have increased. However, things have been a bit different.

New generation businessmen and young entrepreneurs have been vary of spending money on big ticket purchases and most of them maintain a low key. As a result, sales of Rolls-Royce fell from 91 units in 2011 to just 40 units in 2014 in India. This is in stark contrast with the rest of the world where the British marquee has been posting record sales figures since the past five years. In a bid to boost sales in India, the company will now be targeting wealthy and self-made women by highlighting the cars styling elements and partnering with suitable organisations as well as events.

Not only women, young entrepreneurs will also be targeted as it requires serious spending power to spend multiple crores on a Rolls. With the launch of the Wraith, the brand has brought in a model that is bound to appeal to a younger audience and reduce the average age of a Rolls-Royce owner. The company also partnered with New York’s Pratt Institute to develop a women centric version of the Wraith. A women’s only event is scheduled to happen this year in Mumbai which will have a fashion and bridal arena and no men, including Rolls-Royce top honchos, would be allowed at the event. What remains to be seen is how big an increase in sales all these measures lead to.

Rolls-Royce Series II Line Up
With a new strategy, sales figures of the British brand are expected to rise

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