2017 Rolls Royce V16 Roadster

Legendary British Luxury car maker, Rolls Royce, will launch a new two-seater roadster which will be powered by a massive V16 engine! They are planning to launch this incredible monster in 2017. Rolls Royce wants to add new cars to their line-up and this is one of the main contenders for the addition. The other car they are debating to include in their portfolio of super luxury cars is a new SUV. With competition like Bentley working on one, Rolls Royce too is planning to break with tradition and launch an SUV.

The Rolls Royce roadster though is a more realistic car and should be launched about 5 years from now sometime in 2017. The car will be powered by a humungous V16 engine. Back in 2004 Rolls Royce had built a 9.0-litre V16 engine for the Phantom but did not use it in the production car. But now a version of that engine will debut in this car. The engine will produce around 700 BHP of power. The roadster will be very refined, very fast but at the same time will boast of high end luxury and comfort.

Rolls Royce said that they will not design the roadster to break any acceleration or top speed records but concentrate on giving a truly astonishing driving experience to the buyer, with high quality hand built craftsmanship, superior luxury and extremely exclusive feel. The roadster will have a long bonnet, just two seats, a short rear end and a raked windscreen for the classic roadster design and feel. It will use an aluminium subframe chassis from the next Phantom due to be launched in 2016.

Rolls Royce SUV

Source – Car Magazine