The Royal Enfield Himalayan has a bigger engine producing more torque, however, the Mahindra Mojo produces more power and it is mated to a 6-speed gearbox compared to the 5-speed on the RE.

2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan Price
The RE Himalayan is scheduled to launch next month

India is one of the fastest growing two-wheeler markets in the world while the quarter-litre segment is gaining popularity and automakers are trying to launch new and innovative products in the segment. The Mahindra Mojo was one such product that was launched last year after years of testing while it also marked the introduction of a new touring segment and hence it did not have any direct rival. But the good times have passed, Royal Enfield is here with the Himalayan that will directly stand against the Mojo with its adventure-touring character. So we are here with a spec comparison between the two, to find out if Mahindra needs to be worried.

Design – The Mahindra Mojo has a more modern and refined design that one can live with while the RE Himalayan has a more adventure oriented design that is not expected to suit daily commute. The high mounted front and rear mud guard and overall tall stance of the Himalayan will be very convenient for off-roading and long adventurous trips. It is built for a sole purpose of climbing mountains which won’t be a task too difficult with the minimalist design and light-weight.

The Mahindra Mojo, on the other hand, features a more modern design with twin headlamps, alloy wheels and gold finished under tank pipes, suspension, etc. The comfortable seating position is designed for cruising and long trips, and with these features, the Mojo also attracts buyers purchasing the bike for daily use.

Dimensions – The upcoming Royal Enfield Himalayan is longer, wider and most importantly taller than the Mojo while the ground clearance is also higher on the Himalayan along with the wheelbase being broader. This gives the RE product a clear win over Mahindra on the dimensions front, however, it is heavier due to the bigger engine. The fuel tank of the Mojo can store up to 21-litres while the Himalayan’s capacity is limited to 15-litres which will result in a shorter range.

Comfort – Considering the touring character of both the bikes, they should be successful in delivering a comfortable ride which in the case of the Mojo looks possible with the lowered seat height and visually evident cushion. But looking at the tall stance and thin seats of the Himalayan, a delightful ride cannot be expected as it is more off-road oriented.

Engine – The Himalayan is powered by a bigger 411cc, single-cylinder engine, however, the 295cc motor on the Mojo produces more power due to the added fuel-injection system. The RE bike still produces more torque which is also available at lower RPM ranges compared to the Mahindra and power delivery is also tuned for better low and mid range performance. The 411cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine on the Himalayan produces 24.8 PS at 6500 RPM and 32 Nm of torque at 4000-4500 RPM while mated to a 5-speed gearbox. Meanwhile the 295cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine powering the Mahindra Mojo produces 27.2 PS at 8000 RPM and 30 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM mated to a 6-speed gearbox.

Verdict – The Mahindra Mojo is priced very competitively while the upcoming Himalayan is also expected to come with a similar price tag of around Rs. 1.90 lakhs. Royal Enfield will undoubtedly excel on the after sales service part as Mahindra two-wheelers is not as established as the Chennai-based automaker. Hence, the Himalayan will surely give a tough time to the Mojo and prove to be a smart choice with a competitive price and proper adventure-touring character.

Royal Enfield Himalayan vs Mahindra Mojo – Spec Comparo

2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan vs Mahindra Mojo Spec Comparo