Royal Enfield will be officially starting a Road Side Assistance (RSA) service for its owners in India. The package will be provided for a fee to the owners of all Royal Enfields that are not more than five years old.

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The service will be available for bikes not older than 5 years

Most of the Enfield freaks have been there, on the side of the highway, pleading to the Gods of internal combustion for signs of life. The initiated say it’s a part of the Enfield tradition, an experience in its own right. While they do make for colourful stories to tell your friends, anyone who has had to push the beast of a machine down the road (up the road if it’s one of those days) will agree that while you may laugh about it later, you fall short of curse words when you are stuck in the moment.

While Enfields have improved vastly over the years, their unpredictability still remains. Not just that, the demand for the old school hero is ever increasing and Royal Enfield is struggling to keep up with the demand. With so many owners on the road, not everyone is gifted enough to push the behemoth when the thump dies out. To help those in need, RE has made available a Road Side Assistance service in India. The service can be availed in case of an immobilising breakdown. Once availed, the RSA service will help you tow the motorcycle to the nearest RE service centre.

The service won’t be available for all the bikes, as the motorcycle needs to be less than five years old, for it to qualify for the RSA service. While all the newly sold Enfields will get a free one year RSA contract, existing owners can avail the service for a charge of Rs. 800/- if their bike is between 1-3 years old, and Rs. 1000/- for bikes between the 3-5 year margin. Bikes covered in the package will get free towing services from the breakdown spot to the nearest service centre, provided the distance is less than 100 kms. If the issue is fixable, the RSA will send a mechanic to fix the bike on the spot. Issues like punctures, battery drainage and low fuel are also covered in the package.

The RSA service is a welcome introduction as it will ensure stress free long journeys for the owners who have availed the service. In future, we may also see the older models to be included in the RSA service. While it will greatly reduce the effort, the stories of your Enfield rescue will be far less entertaining to share.

Royal Enfield Road Side Assistance

– Royal Enfield has started a Road Side Assistance service for India
– All bikes less than 5 years old will be covered under the service for a fee
– RE will charge Rs. 800/- for bikes between 1-3 years and Rs. 1000/- for bikes between 3-5 years of age
– The official Royal Enfield RSA contact number is 1800-2100-700

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The RSA is the perfect support service for India’s no. 1 tourer