Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser
The seating position seems to be a comfortable one, as befits that of a cruiser

Royal Enfield has been caught testing its new twin-cylinder cruiser and it seems that the firm really wants to make up for the lost time quite rapidly.

Images of upcoming bikes from the manufacturer that were taken while they were on test recently have been flooding the internet and now comes this product which might potentially make Royal Enfield a middleweight leader in the global arena.

Obviously, looking at these images, the major giveaway is the presence of twin exhausts, which lets us know what powers the motorcycle.

But before that, let us look at some other features. Upfront, there are upside down forks and the front wheel might be one size up in comparison with the rear rim.

Further, the instrument cluster looks to be similar to that spotted on the upcoming Meteor, having a bigger circular dial next to a smaller one.

The fuel tank looks big and has a nice teardrop shape to it, while the rear fender looks chunky and wide, to accommodate the fatter rear tyre.

Now to the most important part – the chassis. We have reason to believe that Royal Enfield twin-cylinder cruiser has a new frame since we can see the different tubing along the sides and the different position in which the rear shocks are mounted.

Of course, the engine is likely the twin-cylinder unit that we have seen and come to love on the currently on sale 650cc twins, albeit minor modifications might be made.

The casing is in black on the test bike and the exhaust pipes look small and tucked well. Also, the riding position seems comfortable, with the rider’s feet stretched forward and the posture upright.

One drawback cruiser bikes have is that the shocks are transmitted directly to the rider’s spine, due to the riding posture, and we have to wait and see how this bike fares in that department.

When launched, the 650cc cruiser will take on the Kawasaki Vulcan S, but will be priced considerably lesser than the Japanese bike. It seems Royal Enfield is very serious about expanding its product portfolio and premium bike brands should beware. No really, they should.

Royal Enfield Twin-Cylinder Cruiser

  • Royal Enfield’s upcoming twin-cylinder cruiser spotted on test
  • Sports twin exhausts and a Meteor-like gauges
  • Might sit above the current 650cc twins in its range
Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser Spied
Twin exhaust pipes on the bike look smaller than those on the current 650cc twins
Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser Rear
Gets a new chassis, fatter rear tyre, different suspension geometry at the rear and USD forks upfront

Source – Karthick Jay on YouTube