Royal Enfield Electric Bike Launch
There is no escaping electrification and the firm knows that

It looks like the launch of the first Royal Enfield electric bike is still 3-4 years away as the firm is currently studying the market intensively.

Electric motorcycles have yet to become a commercial success anywhere in the world and thus the brand wants to understand the technology first.

Managing Director of Royal Enfield’s parent firm Eicher Motors, Siddhartha Lal, has stated that Royal Enfield will not be the first to the electric bike market.

Instead he says the brand would rather study the market and understand the technology. To do that, it even has a full team in place to make EVs now.

The firm is into the process of making its own prototype bikes and deciding what direction it needs to take by riding the mules.

Lal assured that concept bikes and prototypes will definitely be shown before the Royal Enfield electric bike launch takes place, but asserted that the firm is not in a tearing rush to bring the EV to the market and do a silly job.

Back in August this year, CEO of Royal Enfield, Vinod Dasari revealed that the company has created prototypes and has been considering various segments already.

The midsize segment leader has over 20 new models lined up in the next 3-5 years an this will also include electric motorcycles.

Even Jawa, Royal Enfield’s competitor, is working on its own electric motorcycle that it aims to manufacture with up to 95 percent localisation.

Royal Enfield Electric Bike Launch

  • Royal Enfield electric bike launch is 3-4 years away
  • The firm is not in a rush to enter the market says Eicher Motors MD
  • It is now making and testing prototype electric bikes
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