Hero Splendor reigns the sales figures once again.

Top 10 Selling Motorcycles In September'19

The automobile industry slowdown is quite visible in the ‘September 2019 Motorcycles Sales’, which shows an overall decline of 21.68%. Whether this is to change or not, is something only time’s virtue would let us know.

Even after ruling the industry, the Splendor sees a reduction of 14.3% in its sales, despite being on the top position. While almost all the motorcycles see dwindling numbers, only the CB Shine, at the 3rd place, sees a positive outlook with 88,893 units sold in September’19. The Hero Passion witnesses the steepest decline among all by 57.21%. Although it was in a very respectable position back in September’18, it now settles at 8th on the top 10 list.

The Hero HF Deluxe isn’t affected harshly at all, with just a minor decline of 3.05% and taking the 2nd position. The Bajaj Pulsar stands at 4th place with 68,068 units sold in September’19. However, this figure might see a decline owing to the discontinuation of the drum variant of Bajaj Pulsar 125.

The Hero Glamour surely doesn’t stand as glamorous as it used to with a -25.16% decline in its YoY. Following this, is the Bajaj CT which takes another drastic hit in its sales by 37,609 units. The rest, too, follow the same trend with a lot of shuffling amidst their respective positions.

September 2019 Motorcycles Sales

– Hero Splendor tops the chart despite a -14.3% YoY figure
– Honda CB Shine is the only motorcycle with a positive YoY i.e 10.27%
– Hero Passion faces the steepest decline of 57.21%

Splendor i-Smart BS6
Hero Splendor sold 2,44,667 units in September 2019