Shaeffler Efficient Future Mobility India

German international technology innovations company, Shaeffler, has unveiled their latest ‘Efficient Future Mobility’ India concept vehicle. This car showcases Shaeffler’s innovative and advanced technology that can be used in production cars to offer higher mileage, improved drivability, better comfort and lower emissions. This drivable concept car has been designed keeping the Indian driving conditions and environmental conditions in mind to develop components for cars that give maximum efficient functionality.

Shaeffler unveiled this concept at their special event ‘Innovation Days’. This concept is based on the Maruti Suzuki Swift and features many advanced components and technology in the engine and transmission which will result in maximum performance, energy efficiency and long life in Indian driving conditions. These components and technology have been designed in such a way that they are very cost effective and local mass production too is possible and can be very easily adapted by car companies.

Shaeffler is also designing many other technologies for two-wheelers and commercial vehicles as well which will be specifically designed for Indian driving conditions. They are developing a range clutches and low friction bearings for bikes. The technology for cars features a combination of Stop-Start systems with manual transmissions which uses their Electronic Clutch Management (ECM) and other drive train components like dual VCT (Variable Cam Timing), coated tappets, smart thermo detection and shift detection.

The German technology innovations company said that their main focus and strength is to provide technology which is specific to the local regions and in accordance to the requirements and environment. They have 180 centres in more than 50 countries with over 40 research and development facilities.