Skoda Fabia 1.2
Skoda launched the Fabia 1.2 some days back. It was a hush-hush launch and we test drove it recently. Do we think the Fabia 1.2 is worth it?

Its certainly worth the dough if your priority is ride comfort over performance, interior quality over after sales service. Saying that it aint as slow as you would think. Ok, i know 1.2L engine producing 69bhp doesnot sound much(Your washing machine makes do with more power), specially when the car is tagged as a premium hatch back. This lower spec engine is called the 1.2 Fabia HTP (High Torque Performance), but honestly if you have been driving a diesel you wouldn’t really think there is any extra amounts of torque being churned out by this three cylinder motor. You read that right, a 3 cylinder engine in a premium hatch.

There is nothing to talk about this engine, it just about does the job. Neither is the engine refined nor is it revv happy. It feels strained as it climbs the revvs. In the city it drives quite well, thanks to short gearing and torque lower down, but on the highway it feels hardwork. There is no top end. You need to work the gearbox alot. At the price this car sells (Rs. 6.8Lacs OTR for the fully loaded variant) the equipment list just about convinces you to buy it. However if your a kind of a person who loves driving, this Fabia is best avoided.

What we like : –
Built Quality
Ride Comfort

What we dont like : –
Spare price cost