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The interior of the Rapid Onyx feels robust and sturdy

Interiors – Step inside, close the door and one thing is certainly apparent- the quality. The interiors feel very well built and there is an everlasting sense to all the materials you touch and feel. The Onyx Edition gets dual-tone beige and black interiors which feel airy and premium. We particularly like the flat-bottom steering wheel which is good to hold and feels like it belongs to a more expensive car.

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The rear seat feels comfortable but is best suited for two passengers

Everything is in easy reach and the slightly tilted dashboard makes the cabin feel driver-centric. The Rapid features a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The touchscreen is nice to use with crisp graphics and fast touch response. The physical buttons for the infotainment and the climate-control are tactile to operate adding to the quality quotient.

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The Rapid Onyx is well-loaded with equipment and creature comforts

The quality of materials used and the fit and finish is truly outstanding

The front seats are supportive and well bolstered and there is adequate space in both the rows to stretch out. Clever features like a lever to adjust the front passenger seat and a nifty cup-holder below the rear AC-vents add to the convenience. Skoda has also loaded the car with a lot of convenience equipment like auto-dimming rear view mirror, one-touch power windows, cooled glovebox and armrests for both front and rear seat passengers.

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The over-practicality of the interior also makes it feel outdated

Despite all its merits, you cannot escape the fact that the cabin looks a bit dated. It is an uninspiring layout which feels a touch too practical. It does without different textures, swoopy lines, mix match of elements and comes across as being too plain. We are also not a fan of the instrument cluster which looks like it belongs to an older era.